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 I find Peter Russel´s video – Global Brain – fascinating. I found three new ideas that helped me become more conscious about who I am and what is my part on this planet.

I would like my students to watch the video and write a comment on this blog. In a 50-word (minimum) paragraph, discuss three interesting ideas that made an impact on you. Feel free to also respond to each other’s posts.

There are three ways to watch the video:
  1. Watch the video HERE. It’s 35:14 long.
  2. Watch them in four parts online HERE.
  3. If you prefer to download the video HERE, you need to download and install the program (.flv) HERE to watch the video.
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Omar Fuertes
9/3/2011 03:58:26 pm

I found this video very interesting. I took from it three important things that helped me realize how important we are to the planet and how we can collaborate to take care of our home. First, I agree with the phrase that the author said about being on the moon and forget about different nationalities and say, “we are one”.

Second, it’s important also to live as one in peace like humans, animals or plants. If we accomplish this we can save our planet. Finally and most important I think that be conscious about taking care of our home depend just in us, we will decide if we deserve to live and no destroy what we have been given.

Adriana Monar
9/10/2011 02:32:36 am

Seen from the outside, the Earth looks like a unity with no borders which could mislead us into thinking we are all the same. However, when seen from the inside, differences among its inhabitants become quite evident. Xenophobia and discrimination are still present in the world, people are still judged based on their skin color, nationality or religious views. How can we say human beings are equal when 17% of the entire population consumes 80% of the planet’s resources, leaving almost 5 billion people to survive with the remaining 20%? And what about those people who live on less than $1 a day (who amount to 1.2 billion) while Carlos Slim, the current wealthiest man has a net worth of $74.1 billion? Are we all equal? I don’t think so.

From Peter Russell’s video, we could conclude that by 2000 the exploration of the human mind would have overtaken the information processing developments and that people would be more concerned with discovering new dimensions of the human soul. In my opinion, nothing could be further from reality. It is true that some organizations and individuals have devoted their time to help the underprivileged, but the majority of human beings continue being selfish. People are concerned only with their personal interests and try to progress at the expense of others. They only care about material stuff and have forgotten about values and the nourishing of their own souls.

However, I do agree with his statement that crisis are opportunities. Thanks to information technologies we are well aware of what’s going on in the world today. We can see that something is wrong and that we need to change our ways of living in order to save the planet and human race. It’s up to us to take care of the Earth and finally act as a single community where everyone helps one another and contributes to a greater good.

Romina Palacios
9/11/2011 04:17:40 am

Sometimes we are so focused on ourselves and on our daily worries that we forget how exceptional it is to be part of the only planet in which life has been discovered. I was really surprised by the Gaia Hypothesis because, if we consider it seriously, it seems like life on earth couldn’t be possible if the planet didn’t function like a self-regulating system. It is hard to understand the series of coincidences that permit the existence of living organisms on earth such as the temperature of the planet, the existence of the atmosphere, the levels of salt in the sea and the way our bodies function. If those elements were just a product of chance, they probably wouldn’t be as stable as they have been across time, which leads us to wonder if we are just elements of a greater living unity.

Beyond that, it is interesting to analyze Peter Russell’s idea of evolution. He states that one of the dominant trends of evolution has been a progressive linking of smaller units into larger and larger units and that the next stage of evolution might involve human beings themselves linking together in some way. I think that the idea of a global brain is very inspiring, but I believe that humanity has not yet become aware of its unity and therefore the development of common telecommunication systems such as the Internet, has only been used for individual purposes.

I also think it is sad to see that when Peter Russell did this video in 1983, he believed that in the year 2000, there would be a major shift in values, as more and more people would discover a deeper sense of unity and purpose, by being less selfish and beginning to think of humanity and the planet as a whole. We are now in the year 2011, and we realize that this shift hasn’t happened yet, and that it probably won’t happen. The world is polluted, overpopulated, and there are still huge inequalities between people. Many wars are taking place in the world and the differentiation between people from dissimilar cultures has only increased. It is hard to tell if one day we will be able to develop a global brain.

Stalin Tayupanta
9/11/2011 05:49:33 am

I have found this video interesting due to the fact that it made me realize the role that humans play on earth and the role that every person plays in the process of evolution in the planet. All the problems that humanity has passed through history are part of the process of evolution of a common single organism (earth). I agree that in order to reach the next step we have to create a global concious thinking among all humans and that this process has begun since the information has become of worldwide access. By this, the creation of a global brain is possible because the knowledge sharing in few years will allow humans to open their minds to new ideas, different points of view, different cultures, etc. and that will make us develop a tolerance awareness that will facilitate the comunication among us to create a common union among all countries that will help to build a cooperation spirit to reach a better co-existance and to eliminate inequalities in all the planet.

Pedro Salvador
9/11/2011 05:58:31 am

The video “The Global Brain” definitely can change somebody’s thinking about the relationship that each person has with the entire planet as a single living entity. At the beginning the author coated one of the astronauts who were at the moon and mentioned that once there, you totally forget about your nationality because you realize you are a “Planet Earth Citizen” which means that this is the start to feel as part of a general planet. Later on the video it is shown how a person can only be defined by his surroundings such us believes, religion, culture, etc. it expresses the way which we are related to everything we acquire during our lifetime. Peter Russell concludes the video with an analysis about how 20 years from then (1983) people would leave away their selfishness and start working for a common goal as a team, but that year already passed by and the human race is not ready to act as we are supposed yet.

Valeria Llerena
9/11/2011 07:43:36 am

I believe that this video is so interesting. After watching it we can see to humanity in a very different way and it can also make us react to become people that can act with wisdom and to be more interested in people that surround us. Usually we are individualistic just as the video said, we are like a cancer cells. I found incredibly sad that he believed that in year 2000 humans were going to remember the principal values of human beings, and now in the year 2011 we still cannot have the wisdom to have a better communication in order to evolve.

However, I think that the world crisis that we are living nowadays can be a good chance to have a better planet and be as we are seen from the outside, a no-borders planet and become planetary citizens

Daniela Velastegui
9/11/2011 08:04:47 am

Maybe none of us have thought about the idea of comparing humanity as an atomic evolution. Civilizations constitue a process of evolution in which people have developed their skills, thoughts and knowledge to come up with new ideas and ways of organization to open a window for new generations.

Generally people are so worried about achieving their own goals and satisfying their own interests that they have forgotten they live in groups. As Peter Rusell mentions in his video we represent one humanity in one planet with one commmon destiny which means human beings should work as a whole. Therefore, if one starts working in a isolated way could damage the rest, that is why nations are interdependent and interconnected.

As the author said it is time to become more conscious about our role in the plant; also to behave in a new way because we all function collectivelly. Nowadays Mankind is facing a mental evolution, we are internalizing it. it is crucial to keep in mind that a great individuality allows to have a great group. Finally, another relevant aspect is how people see crisis, we are required to analyze it because it does not only involve danger but also opportunity. It is mandatory to check what is wrong with our actual system since crises appear when something is not functioning well.

Xiomari Paredes
9/11/2011 09:49:00 am

To begin with, I have to recognize that the views presented in the video “The Global Brain” really held my attention. It was outstanding to see the whole planet and think that someday we could be global citizens. By this means, I could consider the idea that the Earth is as an autonomous living organism where humanity has a specific function.

Furthermore, I agree with the explanation that the biological evolution stopped and now we are moving into a mental evolution, mainly because this gradual development would let to the creation of “one single community”. Consequently, it is in our hands to evolve and go to the next stage, especially by the fact that humanity’s future will not be threatened.

Finally, I could interiorize that it is necessary to change our way of living if we want to continue residing here. In these moments of crisis thinking only in our problems and being selfish will not let us to see that it is of vital importance to change the direction of our lives. Become conscious that something is wrong is the first step, but there are still many things to do.

Stefanny Rueda
9/11/2011 11:53:07 am

This video really growth my awareness of the function we as human beings have in the Earth. If we look back first into the evolution from the Big Bang Theory, we will see how important the evolution is. In the other of being energy, particles, atoms, molecules, DNA, to the first simplified living organism to the human beings the second most complex system. So as the astronauts when they were outside the Earth, they have had the perspective of the World as a unity living organism, not as the geographical division.

As a whole unity we are creating a complex unity faster than expected. So now our technology, science and human culture is developing as a compact organization in order to integrate for example: computer networks, exchange information, share our thinking and finally connecting us physically and mentally. Our organizing minds have to create an inner awareness of something that is much grater and bigger than just us. Normally our problem is that we just describe us by the things that are in our surrounding. Peter Russell mentions: possessions we have, the roles we play and our social stage are limitations to our identity.

Each stage of the evolution has been a platform for the new stage, so like Peter Russell mentions we have to enter to the Evolution of Human Consciousness, in bodies, thinking, perception and attitudes. Only in that way we could evolve to a deeper sense of unity and a greater purpose for a mutual benefit.

Monserratte Arguello
9/11/2011 01:01:52 pm

Definitely, this video changed my perspective on life, I have never thought: why I'm here or what it is my mission into the planet. I've always worried about myself and I never returned to see what's happening around me, and even more, if I've ever seen it, I’ve never acted.

Undoubtedly, it is an interesting video and there were several aspects that struck me. In part, the idea that the planet and our lives have a deeper meaning from the outside. In fact, people who experienced it unexpectedly changed its outlook, reflecting, and trying to do something to help the planet in their return. So, why wait to be outside to become aware about our planet?

The second aspect that struck me is the consideration of the planet as a living organism. Although, I have never considered it, after seeing this video I agree with scientists because I believe that all living organisms on the planet work together as a one. We are dependent beings and we need each other. According to the video this is a natural tendency of evolution. And that is why humanity begins to act as one community.

Now, what I consider very important in this video is the message. People must begin to act together, stop being selfish. As Peter Russell said it is time to change our mentality, to raise awareness about the bad things and start with new and positive attitudes. It is the only way to confront the current crisis and problems that may occur in humanity. Starting to see the planet as a whole.

Andrea Reyna-Drouet
9/12/2011 02:12:24 am

“One humanity living in one planet and with one common identity” Peter Russell mentions this phrase in this great video because, he wanted we to become a Planet Earth Citizen which means that we have to feel ourselves as part of the same organism.

What impressed me was the author’s idea when he mentioned a particular year, when he said people were going to be able to put our selfishness aside and think more about our future, because we are equals (animals, plants, etc.) and we must try to conserve our planet for the next generations.

Unfortunately the time passed and people continue acting in the same way, there are not positive changes, we continue killing ourselves hopelessly.

It is time to become more conscious about what we are in our planet, we have to feel the connection with something greater the magic planet and obtain a perfect integration. We have to develop our way of thinking our roles or attitudes with one purpose: appreciate out unity and learn to act collectively in peace to save our home.

Tamara Rodriguez
9/12/2011 06:01:53 am

After seeing this video changed my view of the world. The author speaks about the behavior of human beings; our selfishness and the discrimination in many parts of the world. Saving the planet is in our hands, we could achieve it working together for a common goal to save the planet, but unfortunately we are destroying it because we only care about our own interests and not for the general welfare. With the technology of this century we know what happens every minute in the world to help those in need, but most of us use the Internet only for their purposes, this is one of the things we should change to live in a better future
Russell also mentions the experience of an astronaut who walked on the moon and saw the world from a different perspective, he forgot his daily thinking and could realized that he is a citizen on the planet and was proud of it. Watching the world from another point of view, people can change in a better way and put away their selfishness. The author also mentions that by the year 2003 people should have started working for a better wolrd and forget about the individualism, but we are in 2011 and we still thinking only in our own interests and not as we are supposed to be.

It's time to realize as citizens of this planet that individualism, racism and selfishness will only lead us to continue destroying the world, so we must change it in order to live better and take advantage of everything we have in the planet because this change is only in our hands.

Santiago Guerrero
9/12/2011 09:54:19 am

This video is very interesting because with it you can understand what we are doing here, it cause different reflections on us and it tries to give us answers about the purpose of humanity on earth.

We have to understand that we are part of evolution and nowadays humanity is moving to another step; it means that humanity is trying to reach a global conscious thinking and one day all humans will think as one. But this idea is still in process because humanity is not prepared for this; we are still having problems that don’t permit us to get this step.

We have to know that all of these problems are based on our attitude, way of thinking and values because we are selfish, we don’t respect other religions and cultures, the meaning of our life depends on things that surround us, we believe that if we have more material things, we will have happiness and that’s not the meaning of life; we have problems between countries, we have wars and poverty, there exist xenophobia, individualism, racism and discrimination and we judge one person depending on the color of the skin, religion, nationality or culture.

As the video shows, we have to look at these problems like the opportunity to change. We have to realize that if we start to change our attitudes, if we give to our life a purpose, if we start to respect each other and if we make conscious about the problems; we will walk and be part of this evolutionary process. And one day all of us will form a global conscious thinking because we are part of this world and we have to act as one.

Carolina Buendía
9/12/2011 12:51:05 pm

I think that the video was very interesting, and it talks about something that I haven´t consider before, but are real. Personally, I haven´t consider the idea of we as earth citizens. It is amazing to realize how the earth has evolutes, giving place the life on earth. Also, how the changes that the earth has had remained, due mainly to the living organism of the earth. As well, it is fascinating the explanation of Pete Russell of how the human body functions. Finally, it is shocking, his arguments about the awareness that the humanity should experience, and feel that we all part of an integrated society, but at the same time of individuality.

Maria Luisa Carrera
9/12/2011 01:10:22 pm

I think this video is very useful and interesting because it makes us realize that we are just watching what we want to see, and that every single particle in the world has its own function.

One thing that captured my attention is that we are one humanity living in one planet not singles and obviously we play our part on it, on preserving it, on stop mistreating it. Furthermore it reminds us that the changes we are looking for are meant to be done in our perception, attitudes, so what we need is an evolution of consciousness.

As said in the video there would be a time in which humanity will linked together as whole, as an integrating system in which society will become a part of something great… the world.., in my opinion the sooner we integrate the better for the planet, The thing is that it would involve many minds, we will need to work together, we all create development and we will need to create consciousness in the fact that we need to start acting like a hole.

We need to move on to a new way of see, as Peter Russell said we need to start using the global brain, change our attitudes, be more conscious, and take care of the one plane we have.

Lizbeth Perez
9/13/2011 12:39:32 am

I found this video interesting due to the fact that it makes me realized that every single thing that is part of our world is really important. Also it shows us the role that every person plays in the development of the Earth. Therefore, in order to overcome all the problems that humans are passing and had passed through the time, we need to create a global conscious; so we will be able to help and contribute this evolution.

By doing this, we will have a global brain that will be open to new ideas, new cultures and the most important thing it would allow us to share our knowledge. If we accomplish this, we could life in peace with every part of our planet, humans, animals and plants, making our world a better place to live and creating a co-existence will, which would eliminate any inequality or selfishness. The solution to save our planet is in our hands, we need start changing our minds before it’s too late.

Andrea parra
9/13/2011 04:21:42 am

The eart is simply a place where we develop a place in which we have to live grow and die, we have to think in our selfs and in our decendants so in that whay we can secure our own future , selfish right ? But in fact that is what i use to believe after watching this video.

Think in our planet as a live organism is something that really catch my attention , in fact is one of the main points that we as habitants of this world should have in consideration , every small thing that we made to the planet has a consecuence to this organism and in the end we all are affected .

This leads me to my next point , and I cosider that has catch the attenion to all the ones that have seen this video until now, the part in which the man talks about the fealling that the astronaut had when he saw the earth , we are all citizens of the world , simple as that, so no matter how different we might think we are; we have to realize that we are not alone and the others have the same amount of importance.

Finally the last part is more like a door to the future I really like it , that we all have the neccesity to gatter in groups and in the future we are going to fine a way to be more connected to one and other , and all the events that have occur and continue happend is just a matter of time that this hipotesis will become true.... So lets start putting our prejudices and differences a side.

samantha gilbert
9/13/2011 06:12:47 am

this video was intresting for me, i think that our planet is the symbol of humanity, its a representation of life. all of us are part of this world, we are energy and universe is composed of energy. also i think that the human is always changing, in its style of life, in its habits and also the ideas change.
i really enjoy it because i have never took a minute to think why humans behave like that, why we have that necesity of be in groups, associated with similar people. i founded intresting that about evolution, becuase i think it is true, the evolution, is a process very slowly that happened during million and millions of years. Today the men connect with others that thinking soul to soul to live together. This chain is produced of a bigger human complex structure.
We have a mass population connected and linked with phone, tv, cell phone: but every things is not good, and effect in the society. Like the human selfish and with the help of the technology, contributed to destroy our earth.

María José Loján
9/13/2011 08:20:42 am

What initially called my attention was this idea of a collective nationality, of a common sense of pertinence to a place, to this place called earth. We all, no matter where we are, must experience the feeling of having just one nationality, protect it and feel proud of having no boundaries between human beings. I like the perspective of having a common destiny, no matter where we live in this world, or what we do, what age we are or what sex we have, we all are addressed to live in this planet despite the damage made to the earth.

Another great idea that made an impression on me was the idea of Allan Watts of the “skin capsulated ego”. This means that we are conscious about what is inside us, but we hardly worry about what is outside of us, of our bodies. That is the reason why we don´t consume garbage, it´s because we know that something harmful can damage our bodies. But on the other side we all damage the planet unconscious of the damage we cause to it. Earth appears to be an external element in our lives; nevertheless, it is so important to take care of it as we take care of our bodies and our way of life.

Finally, I think it is time for us to put aside the feelings of selfishness and let us guide of this bound between human being all around the world, I consider that what makes us strong are the bounds between each other. So, if we listen to Peter Russell we will get that it is good to share and to be more connected, because at the end, we all are earth citizens and we all share a common destiny.

Eduardo Valenzuela
9/13/2011 10:06:46 am

As far as I concerned, this video show the importance of stop worrying just about ourselves and taking into account that all of us are part of a whole and that all of us should contribute to improve the way the humanity is developing by sharing knowledge, and as Peter Russell said by appreciating unity and the sense of oneness.
A part that really impressed me was that when astronauts visited the moon for the first time they forgot about their nationality because they were not representing Russia or The United States of America, they were the Earth representatives, Peter Russell used this example to explain his idea about the integration of the humanity as the next step of evolution, this involved linking human beings not only fiscally but also mentally in order to develop a Global Brain that work toward the same goals.
Regrettably, and although 28 years have passed since Peter Russell exposed his ideas of a global integration, the reality is that humanity is still selfish and continue thinking just about their well being as individuals and not as a part of a big team, that is why global conflicts still exist and don´t let us progress, it depend on us to change our attitude toward these problems and start working together as a one to achieve the global goals everyone is looking for.

Cristian Pareja
9/13/2011 10:19:34 am

Thinking that we are part of an entire world, that we belong to it and that we should think as if we were all from the same place, is something that would never have passed through our minds. After watching this video, we can understand how important is to start working as a team in order to achieve common objectives, “we are one” is a pretty important phrase mentioned in the video and leave us with an important idea, which personally, I think is trying to live and understand the other and stop just thinking about us, break any kind of stereotypes and live with others as if we really know them, and as if we were actually one.

We can see this in the video when the astronauts were in the moon and they were in represent of the entire world that’s why they start thinking as if they were a part of a whole thing a “Planet Earth Citizen”. I found this video a really good source and way to understand how we could live better, just stop thinking we or someone is better than the other one.

Stefany Meza
9/13/2011 10:57:51 am

Watching the video I realized many important aspects in life. The first thing is that boundaries and limits are imposed by human. As the astronaut so the image of the earth in the space he realized that we are all citizens of the world, that we belong to each other, and that we are a single world, meaning that we are one. This is explained with the theory of the Big-Bang from which the world was created, and from it, a single cell born, being the beginning of life. So actually we all come from the same cell. The video remained me of an experience: when I was I child I was going in car to Colombia. On the frontier there was a mountain in the middle of the division of the two countries, my father saw the mountain and asked me: “what is the difference between the side of mountain that is in Ecuador and the side of the same mountain that is in Colombia? I looked to both sides and couldn`t find an answer. Finally my father told me that there is no physical differences, the ones that trouble themselves putting imaginary differences are humans. The second thing I found interesting is that we are in earth what a cancer is on the human body. This is absolutely true. Due to our lack of conscience we just care about ourselves, and the rest for us is not important at all. For this reason we don´t care if we contaminate the environment, if we destroy the planet, but not only physical, if we do evil to other people. So we must think in the society as a single organism, in which because of communication we are joining together our mind more and more. We must leave the capsule that bottled our soul and think globally. And finally the last thing is that a crisis not only bring chaos, but also change progress. i like this video.

Andrés Pinza
9/13/2011 12:19:56 pm

When I started to write in this blog I felt that, perhaps, I didn’t understand as well as my classmates did, so I decide to read all of their comments, and when I read Adriana’s opinion, it caught my attention what she wrote, If its true that in ideal the association is part of evolution, I think that the human beings are not enough evolutional as we think. Humans think that they are the top of the pyramid of evolution, but if we were so evolutional as we think we are, we didn’t cause so many damages to the earth. I think that’s why we do not have the most complex neursystem in the world.
I other, I found difficult the idea that in future, humans will develop a “Global Brain” because, as Romina said, we are in 2011 and people are more individualistic beings, actually, we are it more and more. I consider that the global brain is just a metaphor that applies something that already exists, a global connection among the entire whole world through the telecommunications and among those, mainly by Internet.
I will not say that this video changed my outlook of life, rather, it reaffirmed something I knew, no one is more important than others, there are those who think they're better just because they have more money, but eventually all we are "Citizens of Planet Earth"

Cristina Flores
9/13/2011 12:27:19 pm

I like so much this video because we can look at the humanity in a different way. First of all, I think that it is true that if we see the planet from the moon we are going to feel that we are part of something greater, a single unity, we are one. Also, as the author said, we are one humanity, living one planet, with one common destiny. Another thing that I learned from the video is that every one (human being, animal, plant) have a purpose in this planet. I am the kind of person that used to think that we, humans, are here only to damage, or to injure others, but if we see our nature, we can realize that we can bring a lot of benefits to our home, Earth, only if we learn how to live in a huge linking system. Linking is the key of our evolution.

Finally, we must recognize that we are part of something big, great that is why we cannot be like a cancer cell, as the author said, that do what he wants, rather we should be a single system and try to preserve our home called Earth. Together we can make big changes.

Elizabeth Arias
9/13/2011 12:34:35 pm

The three most interesting points that I took from this video were the fact that the planet has stayed constant for billions of years and has allowed life to grow and evolve. The earth started out very hot and over time cooled off so life could grow, and that the salt from land washed into the ocean at a rapid rate but has also stayed constant for many years. I also enjoyed when Russell spoke about when the earth is veiwed from space it appears as one giant organism functioning and living, but inside are many different types of people and countries functioning seperate. Humans are learning and evolving to function as one living organism, but while working together we are also destroying the earth. Humans are like the earths cancer, and as we evolve we need to be aware of our surroundings and work to not destroy our earth.

Andrés Córdova
9/13/2011 12:35:19 pm

Watching this video, I asked myself, how small we are, how small the world where we live is, but most important, what are we doing to protect this living world? The human being is just a particle in the entire universe with the only purpose of living and adapting to any environment in this world no matter what benefits or damages it causes.
In fact there’s no benefit for the planet to be the shelter of the human being, but we can try to live in harmony with the “blue ball” by respecting it and working together for conserving our home healthy and full of life. Outside the planet, there’re no differences among people. All of us are citizens of this world, and we’re in charge of maintaining this planet safe for future generations.

Diana Guzman
9/13/2011 12:36:52 pm

When we think about our planet, most of us think in different cultures, race, countries, and people; with this fantastic video, the author Peter Russell show us, how planet is an unique organism, and how we are part of this wonderful planet. See from outside our planet, we are only one planet, earth doesn´t have barriers, and all citizens are equal.

One of the most important theories about, why we are part of this big organism that is earth is the Gai hypothesis, in this theory our planet is a perfect system, for example tropical rain forest is the lungs, and ocean is the circulatory system. I think that this theory and video explain in a better way, that we are part of this organism, and we are also a principal organ for earth.

Alejandro Andrade
9/13/2011 01:06:12 pm

Can’t help it, I thought about this immediately
Wow comes to my mind. It was amazing for me as I did not know many of the things that were part of the video. What impressed me the most is the obvious similarities between the evolution of life in planet earth and the evolution of society. It also made me more conscious about what individuality means without others and that if we keep this track we are not going to get too far. It is up to us deciding if we are going to evolve or just being to become the cancer of the planet. I acknowledge know that maybe we are part of a leap in evolution and that it is up to us to decide whether taking it or destroying ourselves.

9/13/2011 01:07:48 pm

This video reflects what society is living now, and after seeing this video I can affirm that my view of the world has changed. Peter Russell talks about the evolution of our planet and mention little details that we have never taken into account and which are really amazing.

The central point in this speech according to Peter Russell is to implanted the consciousness in the people because nowadays society is going through a decadence; because we have problems in all the aspects of the live and our responsibility as a earth citizens is to begin to change the world, develop a consciousness of ourselves as part of a grander system, and finally learn to live as one.

Vanessa Kattan
9/13/2011 01:59:58 pm

Peter Russell states that humanity has reached an amazing advance in its evolutionary path. Globalization has linked the global citizens into one worldwide community that he calls a “global brain” in which communication is available for everyone, everywhere and in an easy, fast and cheap way where the language is no more a barrier. A single system now links millions of minds worldwide. However, he warns us about the dangers of reaching the point in which the world is poised with destruction and avarice. He suggests making critical changes, and not thinking individually, but globally. Having a planetary consciousness and developing our inner spirituality would probably be the only solution to save the world from itself. An essential necessity of the world today includes a social synergy in which we show the way in which perceive ourselves in relation to the world surrounding us. We urgently need to break out of this mentality and develop an awareness of ourselves as part of a collective system. If not, the world will be condemned to a major catastrophe that won’t be unavoidable.

Estefanía Tufiño
9/13/2011 02:11:19 pm

I have found this video very interesting because it made me look the humanity and it behavior from a different perspective. What I liked the most is the phrase that the author says “whole planet is a single living organism”, we are “one humanity” and it is sad to know that until now, we don’t realized what it actually means.

This lack of conscience and the excess of selfishness make the human being so limited. So, we need to create and incentive a global conscious in the society, we cannot continue to live every day thinking that we are unique.

It is really important to start working together in order to live in harmony with everything around us.

Gabriela Del Castillo
9/13/2011 03:21:06 pm

This is an interesting video that explains how each person is responsible for the future of the planet. The video emphasizes that the conduct of every human being is crucial in all the of the humanity stages. There were three ideas that called my attention. First stuff, I totally agreed and liked the idea that thanks to telecommunications and computer networks we are beginning to exchange information to each other, we are beginning to share our thinking, we are beginning to connect mentally, we are beginning to link mind to mind to work and function on many different level as a one integrated organism. Second I just realize how powerful is our mind, and the influence of our thoughts in future actions. It depends on us to fixe any current situation in the world. And third it called my attention the example that the video presented to explain the similarities between a cancer case and the human natural moves reflected on a map. I agree with this example because in fact we stop function as a one single organism when somebody think of their own and forget the rest of the group. But like I said our behavior is crucial to improve our communication and to get opportunities so now it is our opportunity to change.

Andrea Díaz
9/14/2011 04:46:43 am

Outside of the world we are all similar. Each one of us constitutes a connection with a whole existence since too millions of years. The planet Earth is the principal symbol of humanity.

After watching this video, we have to realize that humans have been individualist and only achieved objectives that benefited them.
28 years ago, Peter Russell stated that the next step of human evolution was to start to link our thoughts and our actions as the beginning of an integrated system. But this is contradictory, we are in 2011 and we still feel that each of us only care about ourselves and the rest don’t matter. However, we have tried to build a global conscious of society.

Globalization has given us the opportunity to spread out our acknowledge. Crisis, in words of Russell, represents an improvement in those things that are wrong in order to save the planet, societies and human race. The changes depends on us, we are a single community that has to act globally.

Santiago Perasso
9/14/2011 05:24:19 am

“We are a planet citizen”. It is what this video made me realize. “The critical shift from personal to global consciousness” is the prahse that descibes the most, how Peter Russel wants to express we are one. The author remarks thew importance of technologial development due to the fact that now we can transmit our ideas or thougths to anyone, anywhere at the speed of ligth. Thus several minds of humanity are interconnected each other. According to Russell, creating a planetary consciousness also involves the fact of transforming individual human consciousness.

What was really remarkable about the video is that Russel’s desire is to make clear that the notion of ourselves as atomized and separate individuals, combined with the cultural belief that we will find happiness by changing the world around us, is one of the critical dilemmas we are facing today. Therefore, the critical problem that surrounds our planet is invividualism.

Andrea Defaz
9/14/2011 07:37:13 am

"We are one" this are words that remind me, how connect are people around the world. We are one humanity, living in one planet and with one common destiny. There are no limits, no boundaries; people are who have determined all the limits around the planet.
If we analyze our lives nowadays, we could realized that the human evolution has stooped; since the big bang and all the atomic evolution started. Now, humans should start to work together and should put the individualism away. We are humans in one world. When we look around us, we can notices that there is no common work, everybody is worried to accomplish its own objectives.
And now, internet is now linking the billions of minds around the world, so why we haven't started to worked together to protector our home, our planet? People is not thinking in the future, we are here now, so we are the ones that have to build our future.
I want to recognized that all the images that this video present, are interesting. The pictures of the cancer path and Los Angeles city, are shocking.
Finally, the most important about this video was to put away our ego,put our selfishness away; that does not belong to us. People must start to think in a new way, but the most important, to start acting in a different way.

Mauricio Chávez
9/14/2011 08:10:48 am

It is difficult to think that we are a unique entity as world looking on what is happening nowadays. It is true that if we look from a long distance our world, it seems that we are a unique mass that works as one entity, but in the practice it is not in this way. People only cares about themselves, and they do not thing on what is happening to the ones that are really suffering. We do not work as one.

I completely agree in the comparison people as a cancer, because we are like those infected cells that are expanding all around the body, infecting and causing damage to the sistem. As we the people care about ourselves, we are contaminating the planet to look for things and resources that can only hepl us, but not the rest of the world. It is true that not all the people believes in that way, but the majority do.

We have to think about what is happening to our whole planet, not just from what happen near to us. As the video says, we have to be a unique mass, a unique entity who works for the benefit of all the little cells that form this world.

Laura Gomez
9/14/2011 10:08:05 am

Aspects of life are better seen and valued from an outside view. This video cultivates in us an analysis of our purpose of life in our magical planet. The earth is a wonderful alive organism, we are part of it, and we need to work together in order to make it function. The crisis right now is an advice, telling us that we are not acting in a good way.

Laura Gomez
9/14/2011 10:22:21 am

Aspects of life are better seen and valued from an outside view. This video cultivates in us an analysis of our purpose of life in our magical planet. The earth is a wonderful alive organism, we are part of it, and we need to work together in order to make it function. The idea that impacted me the most in this video was how magical our earth is, we live from it but we don’t even know how it works and the incredible things the Earth has to its self-regulation. We have been like cancer cells on our planet, driven by our selfishness. The crisis right now is an advice, warning us of the bad behavior we have had in order to evaluate ourselves and discover the solution: humanity needs union.

Maria Jose Enriquez
9/14/2011 12:18:42 pm

Who are we? What is our objective in life? Being individualistic? For many years human been has destroy nature, humanity and alliances to reach individualistic goals. Our rule of life is to be better and competitive than other people. But is this really a delightful goal? When Peter Russell made this video in 1983 he might think that we would be conscious about how we destroy our lives day by day.
Human being needs to understand that the protection of interest doesn’t mean that we have to pass over other people to have what we want in other words being selfish. In order to create a new planet and stabilize a new way of thinking and give respect to others we have to make other people happy for receive happiness, we have to give food for those ones who haven’t it for days, and we need to be nice with that person who is mean with is. When that happens we could say that we are good persons, that we care about others and that we are equal, that we are not different and that our color of skin and our economic positions doesn’t play a big role when we are talking about a better future and peaceful treat between human beings.

Cristina Martínez
9/14/2011 12:48:17 pm

Global Brain is video made by Peter Russell which tries to make a metaphor about the worldwide intelligent network, which increasingly ties us together in a single information processing system that works like a "brain" for our planet.

I found the video very interesting because there were some points that change my way of thinking like the following; first creating a planetary consciousness also involves transforming individual human consciousness. Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better.

Second the consciousness crisis we find ourselves in today may be attributed to the view that the universe is composed of loosely connected and distinct objects. The notion of ourselves as atomized and separate individuals, mixed with the belief that we will find happiness by changing the world around us.

Finally, Russell warns us that if we continue on our current path of destruction, humanity will become like cancer for the planet. We must realize what are we doing, it is true that technology is a great advantage for use but we should be careful.

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